Charlottesville and Race Relations, State Fair Security Woes, Raw Milk Recall: Your Tuesday Morning News Roundup

Editorial: Charlottesville reminds us how far we have yet to go on race, but we can't let it blind us to how far we've come“It hurts to be reminded of how far America still has to go to deal with the racism that remains so much a part of our national experience,” writes the Dallas Morning News Editorial Board. “This time the reminder came over a weekend full of protests and counter-protests at the University of Virginia, where a series of clashes was touched off by white nationalists and others who rallied there Friday night under a call to ‘unite the right.’”“President Donald Trump on Monday decried the ‘racist violence’ in Virginia and said that the Department of Justice had opened a civil rights investigation into what happened there. ‘Anyone who acted criminally in this weekend's racist violence, you will be held accountable,’ Trump said.“The statement helps. But it would have helped more had he not on Saturday ducked the opportunity to condemn the groups behind the ‘egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence’ and not added the words ‘on many sides’ in what bestowed a false equivalency to the protests and the counter protests.”Commentary: Confederate memorials are part of my heritage, and I want them gone.Checking in: How are you talking about Charlottesville?  Continue reading...

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