‘Bury This!' Women Sent Gov. Greg Abbott Soiled Tampons, Pads to Protest Fetal Burial Rule

AUSTIN — When Ele Chupik posted a Facebook message last month urging women to send used feminine hygiene products to Gov. Greg Abbott in protest of his order to require burials for the fetal remains of abortions, she wasn't sure how many would take such an unusually graphic step.The message went viral on Facebook and Twitter, with hundreds of women urging one another to send the governor their soiled tampons, pads and pantyliners. Over the month of December, 17 women made good on the message and mailed their blood-stained refuse to Abbott's office, records obtained by The Dallas Morning News show."I hoped that it would be taken as an insult," Chupik said. "The same way we feel insulted."  Continue reading...

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