Border Patrol Starts Releasing Migrants Onto Streets in Rio Grande Valley as Trump Critics Cite ‘moral’ Crisis

EL PASO - Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen made a brief visit to the Texas border Thursday as authorities began releasing detained migrant families onto the streets of the Rio Grande Valley almost immediately after they cross into the U.S., saying they don't have enough space in facilities to accommodate soaring numbers. Central Americans, many families and many traveling in large groups from Honduras and Guatemala, have been traveling north through Mexico to the U.S. border in growing numbers. Some are waiting in Mexico for a chance to cross at border checkpoints to legally seek asylum, while others have become increasingly desperate, crossing the border in remote areas and even in urban areas like El Paso where they then turn themselves in to authorities. The recent crunch has become so intense that U.S. authorities briefly stopped processing asylum cases from across the border because shelters in the El Paso area in West Texas were at capacity.   Continue reading...

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