Baylor Must Come Clean After Latest Football Gang-rape Accusation

In sickening detail, Baylor University's former Title IX coordinator explained to us late last year the extent of the school's sexual assault tragedy.While Patty Crawford noted that violence against women occurred campus-wide — not just among athletes — she said that survivors' stories regarding football players were the most horrific. Among them were accounts of a team hazing ritual that involved gang rapes.Now a new lawsuit, filed Tuesday night on behalf of a former Baylor volleyball player, will allow those allegations their day in court.This case, the seventh Title IX lawsuit against Baylor bringing the total number of women involved to 15, alleges that as many as eight football players drugged the student-athlete and took turns raping her in 2012. The filing echoes what Crawford said previously in an interview: Members of the team required new players to bring freshman women to parties to be drugged and gang-raped.  Continue reading...

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