Average Commuter Spent 2 ½ Days Stuck in Dallas Traffic Last Year, But It Could Be Worse

Drivers in Dallas-Fort Worth sat in traffic longer last year than any other Texans — an estimated 60 hours on average — ranking the area among the most congested cities in the world.Dallas jumped up to the No. 16 spot in 2016 among the most clogged cities ranked by transportation analytics firm Inrix, up from No. 28 the year before.The 59.4 hours, or almost 2 1/2 days, local commuters spent in their cars last year is far above the American average, about 42 hours. But it's nothing compared to Los Angeles drivers, who were stuck in gridlock a whopping 104.1 hours, which topped Inrix's list."I would feel reasonably good about where you're at," said Aaron Renn, who specializes in urban policy for the Manhattan Institute, a think tank. "I wouldn't feel great, but it doesn't strike me in terms of traffic."  Continue reading...

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