Attorney General Ken Paxton Digs in Heels, Continues to Demand New Judge to Preside Over His Criminal Trials

AUSTIN — Attorney General Ken Paxton has repeated his request that a new judge be named to preside over his criminal cases, saying he "has not and will not" allow the current judge to remain involved.On Monday, Paxton's lawyers sent Harris County District Clerk Chris Daniel a letter asking him to replace Judge George Gallagher with someone new. The existence of the letter was first reported by The Texas Tribune."Paxton respectfully advises the Harris County District Clerk, as he did by court filing last week, that he has not and will not give the statutorily-required written consent under Article 31.09 to allow the Honorable George Gallagher or his court staff to continue to preside over the matter in Harris County," Paxton's attorneys wrote. "Accordingly, Paxton requests that the Harris County District Clerk assign these cases to a Harris County district court in the manner and as it would with any new criminal case."Paxton, a Republican, is accused of fraud and violating state securities law, and faces one third-degree and two-first degree felony charges. He has denied all the allegations and called them a political witch hunt masterminded by rivals in his own party. His trials are scheduled to kick off in mid-September.  Continue reading...

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