A Harmony Korine Fan Put Up Billboards Asking the Hollywood Director to Come to Amarillo. It Worked.

The thing about Hollywood director Harmony Korine that's frustrating is "he's incredibly hard to get a hold of," said Hayden Pedigo, a 25-year-old Amarillo native and big-time fan of the filmmaker, whose latest movie The Beach Bum starring Matthew McConaughey came out in March. Pedigo hasn't seen it yet, but he plans to. After stumbling upon clips of Korine's work on YouTube at about age 15, he watched Gummo, Korine's 1997 directorial debut about a group of oddball teenagers living in small-town Ohio, and felt something that didn't go away. "I wanted to talk to him for a long time," Pedigo said of the filmmaker.  Continue reading...

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