We're Tired Of Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban, the masses are no longer mesmerized by your antics.

At first, Cuban's hands-on, very-visible approach was cool. Dallas fans were intrigued by the real interest this owner took, but there comes a point when enough is enough.

Picking on an opposing team's player's mom in the stands is just bullying. Whether or not Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin is a "thug" or "punk," it seems unfair for a grown man to tell Martin's mom that he is. The heat of the moment is one thing, but even in sports, restraint must be demonstrated...especially by those who are not even participating.

It's just one in a series of weird Cuban happenings; insider trading charges, his claims that "only a moron would buy YouTube," the over one million dollars he's paid in fines for such public criticism of NBA refs, his recent request for a "sports blog blacklist" run by ESPN...and the list is likely to go on.

His "out there" approach never seems to have much forethought, which is a shame. He has the personality, power and potential to be a really good PR man for the Mavs. But, for now, we are over his erratic approach.

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