Dallas' Most Endangered List Seems Familiar

On Wednesday, Preservation Dallas released their list of the most endangered buildings in Dallas. We weren't surprised by two selections, as they've been in our minds for almost a year.

In August 2009, we started a feature called "Shells of our City," which highlights the stories behind some of the vacant, abandoned, and history landmarks in the DFW area. Included were two structures that again made Preservation Dallas' list: Crozier Tech and the Statler Hilton.

Though it's been in the news since the time we profiled it, the Statler Hilton is in the same situation it was a year ago -- vacant and abandoned, with hopes high for it's revival, especially since it sits across the street from the new Main Street Park. Another listing in the most endangered group only highlights the stagnation on this landmark hotel. Read more about the hotel and see pictures here: Statler Hilton

Crozier Tech -- the original Dallas High School -- is similarly stagnant, facing concerns of demolition into a parking lot and only surviving due to a City of Dallas ordinance. Our profile of the school included photos shot right from the DART light rail station across from the boarded-up entrance. Read more about the school and see photos here: Crozier Tech

Other locations listed on this year's list included former DISD schools like Adamson High School, Oran M. Roberts School, and Davy Crockett School, plus the previously mentioned Crozier Tech. Multiple public libraries were also listed, including many branches that opened around 1964 (Casa View Branch, Hampton-Illinois Branch, and Lancaster-Kiest Branch). For the third year in a row, the Deep Ellum area was listed as endangered -- specifically because the are is under developmental pressure to tear down existing buildings and capitialize on the DART light rail lines leading to the area. Read the entire list here: 2010 Most Endangered Buildings

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