Cosmo's Tasty Drink Deals

Cosmo’s Bar and Grill hosted another successful $2 Tuesday last night, offering specials on hot dogs, chili dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, bottles of Miller High Life, and cans of PBR. We stopped by and noticed that the holiday lights and decorations had just been hung, the fireplace was roaring and the regulars were in jolly spirits.

“Yeah man, this is my go-to bar in the neighborhood,” says Rocko Franco between heated games of Ms. Pac-Man. “It’s just comfortable, my friends are always here and I can walk home!”

Vintage posters of Kenny Rogers and Farrah Fawcett with her 1976 winged mane line the walls of this retro Lakewood bar. The décor is kitschy meats divey, with mismatched chairs and sofas offering no-frills seating for folks who want to imbibe cheap drinks and chow on inexpensive bar food.

“Although not far from Uptown, Cosmo’s is an urban oasis leagues away from McKinney Avenue,” says regular Michael Paul Sandusky. “The tattoos are custom, not off the wall.”

“We try to be different,” says Gerald Stogsdill who has owned this watering hole for the last 10 years. “We don’t want to be like every other bar, ya know?”

Cosmo’s is definitely far from the norm. Swayze Mondays mean VHS after VHS of flicks featuring the Dirty Dancing king. Drinks specials are abundant throughout the week, and their kitchen serves until 1 a.m. Check them out on Wednesdays when Texas beers cost $2.50, and Sundays when their selection of gourmet pizzas are half price.

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