Slicing and Dicing at Sur La Table

Amateur cooks are learning their way around the kitchen and honing their knife skills at Sur La Table in Dallas.

"Ninety percent of what you're going to do in the kitchen involves picking up a knife and everyone is a little scared of it and it's a good place to start,” said chef and cooking instructor Ed Kernan.

Kernan teaches wanna-be Anthony Bourdains and Rachel Rays the basics so that they can one day elevate their skills behind the burners.

But before students even pick up a knife they are treated to a warm cup of minestrone soup. It sets the tone for a comfortable evening where they are taught at their own pace. If anyone cries, it isn’t from the pressures of a Type-A master of cuisine. Chances are, the onions are to blame.

“Learning how to correctly dice and chop an onion is paramount. Most great dishes start by sautéing and caramelizing onions,” said Kernan.

Kernan patiently shows his students how to safely and efficiently cut onions, dice tomatoes, and julienne bell peppers like a pro.

The goal of the folks behind Sur La Tables cooking classes is to familiarize its students with all facets of the kitchen, so that they are adept and comfortable reaching for pots and pans rather than the takeout menu. 

"Instead of ordering pizza, you're actually going to cook,” said Kernan emphatically.

Sur La Table
4527 Travis Street
Dallas, Texas 75205


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