Chef Matt Levin's Four Loko Dinner

Chef Matt Levin is hosting a dinner featuring the recently banned Phusion Projects' Four Loko at Adsum, his new Queen Village eatery in Philadelphia on December 13. Levin is one of the most critically acclaimed cooks in Philadelphia, garnering national recognition while helming the kitchen at Lacroix at The Rittenhouse Hotel. Known as much for his traditional skills as his thoughtful application of modern techniques, Levin is always up for a challenge.

"I've made great dishes with things like Pop Rocks before, so why not something as ridiculous as Four Loko?" said Levin. "It's all in good fun and this is a chance for me to see what I can do with such an extreme and out there product. This stuff has the calories and caffeine of six beers and five cups of coffee. It's insane."

Levin is either using the caffeinated alcohol as a vehicle, like the Loko Slushy, or he is challenging himself to design a plate that can pair with the immense sweetness and extreme flavor of the beverage, like his use of a spicy and aromatic merguez sausage going toe-to-toe with the Lemonade Loko. Other dishes included in the meal are a BBQ Picnic featuring Loko pearls and pickled watermelon rind with Watermelon Loko, and a Loko Pate de Fruit, paired with Fruit Punch Loko.

Diners can partake in the madness at three seatings, at 6 P.M, 8 P.M., and at midnight for only $35 per person. Reservations can be made by calling the restaurant at (267) 888-7002.

"I just tossed this out on Twitter as kind of a joke and got 30 responses in 15 minutes," said the chef. "But now it's a reality, and all I hope is that by the time the Fruit Punch Loko comes out at the end, everyone still has their clothes on." [The Feast Philadelphia]

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