By Mighty Mjöllnir, I Will Avenge You, WizardWorld Texas!

Personal story: While doing the yearly cleaning and improving of the house, I came across my two long boxes of comics, to which I was able to successfully defend being in their location as they are "my treasures."

Now, I am saddened (though not shocked) that WizardWorld has apparently decided to axe two of their four cons -- both WizardWorld LA and WizardWorld Texas in Arlington are on the chopping block. That's according to Newsarama. (click here to read)

Now Unfair Park's Robert Wilonsky is hot on the confirmation trail to make sure the rumors are true...though I'd bet Newsarama has it right.

We've got photos from the last WizardWorld (in 2008) to the left that pretty darn near prove that the con wasn't all that well attended.

Still, without the annual con, plenty of local artists, writers, and vendors are likely going to have to trek to another state to get the big bucks and big crowds.

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