Bullet For My Valentine Is Right on Target

With a name like Bullet For My Valentine, you may imagine this band from Wales are a group of hard rockers with even harder personalities. But that isn't  the case. In fact, they credit their parents for their success and their down to earth upbringing.

"The upbringing from our parents was very good and very grounded and we are very grounded people and we are very proud of that," said Matthew Tuck, lead  vocals and guitar.

While their stage presence is everything metal, backstage they are soft spoken, polite and thankful for the position they are in. The band grew up idolizing the metal legend group Metallica and the love of metal at a young age is something the band has in common with its fans.

"We have a very broad audience, from 10-year-olds to 60-year-olds," said Tuck. "We get criticized a lot for having a very young audience, and people think that  is a bad thing and I'm like, 'You're tripping.' But we will have them until they are 20 or 30 years in the future."

"We were in to Metallica growing up at like 12-years-old,"said Tuck. "I'm 30-years-old now and still a complete lunatic for Metallica. So hopefully that is the case for the young girls and boys that are coming to our shows."

Bullet recently played at the House of Blues in Dallas and the line of fans waiting to get into the gig wrapped around the building, some waiting for hours in the heat. But that's not at all unusual for the group.

"We did a small warm up show in London a few weeks back, and there was like a free show for fans and there was like 100 people sleeping out," said Michael Thomas, drums.

Dallas isn't a new place for the band to play, they also credit Arlington's own Pantera as one of their influences.

"We always have a great show when we are in Dallas," said Tuck. "We have quite a few friends from Dallas. Jack-Knife, local band."

Checking out Bullet for the first time? Lead singer Matthew Tuck has a few recommendations on where you can start. 

"Favorite songs for us to play, at the moment are obviously new stuff, cuz it's fresh and it's happening and good and I think it's the best material we have ever written," said Tuck. "So songs like "Your Betrayal, Fever, Alone,' these are all new songs off our new record which is so much fun to play."

Tuck also said if you want to check out older songs, 'Tears Don't Fall' and 'To Choke Upon" are a favorite.

Even after playing together for over 10 years, some members of the band still get jitters before going on stage.

"The only time I think about it is about 10 minutes before I play, and then I get nervous so maybe I shouldn't think about it, " said Thomas.

Despite the jitters, Bullet stays true to its roots but doesn't forget how they got there, calling their fans, "amazing."

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