Boarding With All Bark and No Bite

The staff and doctors at Angel Veterinary Center of Flower Mound take pride in caring for animals big and small.

Their boarding service offers pets perks like soothing music and images on a flat screen in the kitty condo unit, and canine condo suites with special details.

"The luxury suites, they have a top bed in there, so they can sit up and feel comfortable there, (and) raised food and water dishes," said Dr. Kristen Hassler, a veterinarian at the center.

But before you board your favorite four-legged friend for the holidays, Hassler said there are some some simple steps you can take to make sure you and your pet can enjoy a little vacation.

The first thing you should do is take a tour.   

"You want to take a look to make sure the pets look comfortable, clean, all have water during the day, and the staff looks attentive to the pets," Hassler said.

Then, make sure your pet's vaccinations are up to date, and that the facility requires animals to be vaccinated.

"You also want to make sure you have a doctor on staff," Hassler said. "Some people really prefer that they have a veterinarian on staff."

Pet owners should bring a few things from home like food, a favorite toy, and even a winter coat, but don't overdo it.  Hassler recommends leaving collars, leashes and food bowls at home, but make sure you bring in your pet's medications and special diets.

She said cats can also benefit from the boarding experience. 

"A lot of people will say cats are solitary animals, but that is not actually true, it's good to get them in an environment with contact during the day," Hassler said.  

Also, be sure to ask about play time, and how many times your dog will be walked during the day. 

If you have more than one pet, you don't have to have them board together, Hassler said.

"We want to make sure they are as comfortable as they can be, and boarding them together can be a little tense for pets sometimes," she said.  

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