Bargain Blogs Help Save Cash

By day, Amy Yates-Garmatz is an NBC human resources manager, but when she leaves the office, she is a super saver. 

"I save hundreds of dollars a month," Yates-Garmatz said.

Saving money has become a social event for Yates-Garmatz and her friend, Laura Hanlon. 

"We can go in and have $150 worth of products and walk out for $1.38," Hanlon said.

Like so many savers, the two women start by clipping coupons.  But then they go one step further, checking online blogs to find stores where those same items are already on sale. 

"We just go to the blogs and look at the sales that are going on that week and match our coupons up," Hanlon said.

Some of their recent deals include 19 cents for a four-pack of toilet paper, rolls of paper towels for 3 cents each, and shampoo for free.

"You're crazy if you don't do it.  It's too easy.  Anyone can do it," Yates-Garmatz said.

Here are some of their favorite blogs:




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