Avoiding the Cosby

It's just about time to break out the woven comfort -- but make sure you stay away from "The Cosby Sweater"

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Note: A "Cosby Sweater" is just what it sounds like -- a sweater you'd see Bill Cosby wear on "The Cosby Show." They are traditionally unstylish, even Jack Black knows that...

MAIN OFFENDERS: Want to see some examples of the "Cosby" sweater? Here's the worst of the worst.

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER: They may be a girl's best friend, but your friends are going to remember you wearing this awful Tre Vero "Blackwater" argyle forever. This wool sweater vest might get you a stereotypical golfer look out on the fairway, but your scores will be low on the runway.

CLOWN SUIT: Not to harp on bad diamond sweaters, but this Daniel Cremieux argyle vest features the worst of the worst -- multi-colored diamonds. This is the vest to wear when you absolutely have to say, "Princeton? Harvard? No, no, I went to Clown College."

IT'S THE DETAILS: The epitome of a Cosby sweater, this Polo Ralph Lauren sweater vest is far too busy with muted detailing to be considered fashionable by anyone who doesn't have a doctorate. We imagine this vest could be worn by a psyciatrist, but if they were seeing us, we'd be talking about our feelings...about that horrible sweater.

BETTER PICKS: We won't leave you out in the cold! Here's three picks for much better sweaters to combat the Cosby.

BLACK BEAUTY: Dark colors are definitely in this season, with black being the trump card. Add this black Cypress Links vest to your deck and you'll have a strong piece to pair with plenty of outfits.

ME AND MY CREW...NECK: We've got a similar Polo Ralph Lauren crewneck sweater in our wardrobe (It's blue, this one is Brown Tick) and love the comfortable prima cotton and classic fit. Goes great over a button down with tie, but can also be the featured piece if you just stick an undershirt below.

CARDIGAN AND AGAIN: V-neck cardigans are a staple for that preppy fall/winter look. This one from Cypress Links features a nice black/brown twist and six-button front. Makes us think of Don Draper, makes the girls go crazy.

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