Addison Blitz-Plants Tulips for Spring Tiptoeing

Addison wants residents to be able to tiptoe through the tulips this spring and is blitz-planting 74,000 bulbs to make sure it happens.

Sixteen workers have been working 8 hours a day for the last three weeks planting the tulip bulbs at city entrances, around city buildings, in residential neighborhoods and in street medians and parks.

The team is speed-planting the bulbs using a power auger to drill holes, drop in the bulbs and cover them before quickly moving on to a new site. When the bulbs bloom, more than 21 varities of tulips will be able to be seen around the city -- 16,000 of which are Pink Impression.

"Our residents expect and enjoy our beautiful parks and neighborhoods," says city manager Ron Whitehead. "The tulips draw more positive comments from the public than anything we do in the Parks Department's landscape management program. Springtime in Addison just wouldn't feel right without these dramatic bursts of color to herald the end of winter."

The crews hope to finish planting the bulbs by Dec. 31.

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