35 Denton Reunites Jesus and Mary Chain

4-day walkable fest reunites famed alt-rockers

The Jesus and Mary Chain, the seminal alt-rock band from the late '80s, will reunite for their first performance in five years at the 35 Denton festival this March.

That's quite a coup for the oft-renamed festival (which has gone by 35 Conferette and NX35 in years past) celebrating its fourth year in Denton.

Sets by Big Boi of Outkast and Mavis Staples were big draws for the 2011 iteration of the festival and we're still calling the free 2010 Flaming Lips show one of the best we've ever seen.

35 Denton also has The Raincoats and Built to Spill as headline acts for the 4-day walkable festival, but it'll take an afternoon to peruse the massive list of local and national acts coming to Denton March 8-11, 2012.

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