What's the big dill? Pizza Hut launches Pickle Pizza

Pizza Hut announced a jarring new menu item

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut heard the debate about pineapple on pizza and upped the ante.

The company announced the launch of its Pickle Pizza on Wednesday, saying it is the “first national quick service pizza restaurant” to serve up such a creation.

“Building on the recent resurgence of pickles, Pizza Hut is taking this trend to new heights with its own twist on the pickle phenomenon by adding the sour, tangy food as a pizza topping,” the company said in a press release.

The pizza will include buttermilk ranch sauce, Nashville hot chicken, cheese, white onions, a ranch drizzle and, of course, the star of the show – spicy dill pickles.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to add new tastes and textures to our dishes, and pickles have been gaining popularity due to their versatility,” Penny Shaheen, Pizza Hut’s Head of Food Innovation, said. “With our new Pickle Pizza, we’re tapping into the latest food trends while also putting culinary thought into how they come to life on a pizza. Our recipe is all about great flavor, balancing the tanginess of pickles with other classic ingredients we know taste good on our beloved pizza.”

Pizza Hut is debuting the new menu item in a limited release. The Pickle Pizza will be available at the 932 8th Avenue location in New York City from June 9-11. It is available exclusively through carryout at a $17.99 price tag and must be ordered in-store.

When asked about the possibility of a wider release, a Pizza Hut representative told TODAY.com that “there is always a chance this will be brought nationally at a later date.”

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