Cogill Says “Moana” is a Wonderful Film

"Moana" is a movie about respect, for each other and for women. In this case a young woman forbidden to venture away from her crumbling island, but when she does, great things happen.

"Moana," is more than a movie about girl power. It's complex themes run deeper than most animated films simply because this 16 year old has lived a life of others telling her what she should be and not asking her.

"Moana," is drawn to the water, and nature, and when the existence of her island culture is threatened, she listens to her inner voice and takes on the burden of finding a solution.

"Moana" is also about facing your fears, and constant miss-information about the outside world. It's not that the grass is greener on the other side of the ocean, it's just different and often requires patience and compassion as Moana teams up with a Demi-God voiced wonderfully by The Rock, actor Dwayne Johnson.

Respect for the environment is also a major theme in Disney's popular film. Plant life, sea creatures, and the beautiful ocean all have value in Moana's world view. It's never overlooked or frowned upon. She is a fascinating "old soul."

And finally, "Moana" is a rare animated film filled with faces of hope and dignity and respect. Millions of little girls watching this film will see themselves, some of them for the first time, and wonder what it's like to dream big dreams and take on the world. What a wonderful film.

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