Bloody East Dallas Halloween Scene Draws Attention

The Halloween decoration at one house in the M Streets are so gory we have to blur it

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It's hard to miss the bloodied scene of dummies hanging from the roof and littering the front sidewalk of Steve Novak's house in the M Streets in Dallas.

The artist said it's been a project four years in the making that all started with a zombie projector and has evolved to include about 20 gallons of fake blood.

CAUTION ADVISED: Click here to see the decorations for yourself, but you've been warned it's gory!

In total, he estimates he's spent several hundred dollars on the decorations that have become something of a neighborhood staple.

Each year, he devotes three to four days assembling it.

Amid this year's pandemic, he briefly considered skipping the holiday.

He then decided this year, his faux murder scene may be more important for morale than ever before.

"All of my neighbors were begging me to. So it did kind of seem important, that people wanted some festivities," said Novak.

Not everyone in the neighborhood is a fan.

Novak said each year, Dallas Police receive at least one complaint and respond to his house.

Still, he has no plans to stop.

Next year, he plans to add on even more.

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