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Teens in Ringo Starr's 1964 Photo Found

The photo was taken when the band first arrived to America 49 years ago



    Almost 50 years later, The Beatles are still causing a ruckus.

    Last week USA Today published a photo taken by band member Ringo Starr when the iconic band arrived in America for the first time 49 years ago. The image shows a car full of teens trying to catch a glimpse of the fab four at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

    But who were those star-struck teens that borrowed a Chevrolet Impala in 1964 in order to catch a glimpse of their musical heroes?

    The newspaper began to search and received a flood of responses and the five surviving classmates who were in the Impala that day were located, according to USA TODAY. Gary Van Deursen was driving the borrowed Chevy with Suzanne Rayot, Arlene Norbe, Charlie Schwartz, Bob Toth and Matt Blender (who passed away in 2011) along for the ride. They are all alumni of Fair Lawn High School in Fair Lawn, N.J.

    "Today" took the search even further and reunited the fans once again to recreate the now famous photo.

    Excited to learn the identities of his subjects from decades prior, an on tour Starr issued a statement saying he looks forward to meeting them all at his concert in Las Vegas in November.

    "How great that they found these people! And how cool to now know a little of their story and what that moment was like from their perspective," said Starr in the statement. "Right now I'm off in Latin America on tour and I won't be back until November when we play two shows at the Palms in Las Vegas. I look forward to meeting them when I get back. See you in Las Vegas! Peace & love, Ringo"

    The photo has been published in Starr's limited-edition book "Photograph" released earlier this year.

    Check out their reunion above.