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Emma Stone Makes Surprise Appearance During Andrew Garfield's "SNL" Monologue

Andrew Garfield hung up his Spider-Man suit and tried his hand at comedy on this "Saturday Night Live"



    Emma Stone Makes Surprise Appearance During Andrew Garfield's "SNL" Monologue

    "Saturday Night Live" returned with actor Andrew Garfield, who took a departure from his superhero role as Spider-Man to try his hand at comedy.

    Garfield, who is playing Peter Parker for the second time in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” took the stage and gushed about playing host for the night. The first thing he addressed was his accent.

    “Now the cat’s out of the bag, I am British,” said the actor who was born in Los Angeles but raised in Surrey, England.

    Actress and two-time SNL host Emma Stone made a surprise appearance during Garfield's monologue and offered some advice that appeared to catch the rookie host off gaurd.

    “I feel like I’m getting in the way,” she said. “You got this okay? Take it away, I’m off!” she said as she intentionally stood in the background.

    Stone made another appearance in a sketch about filming the epic kissing scene in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” Garfield and Stone couldn’t get the kiss right and after multiple attempts, it was revealed that the two had kissing stunt doubles for the first film.

    Adding irony to the situation, the two are rumored to be dating off-screen.

    Chris Martin, Coldplay frontman, and musical guest for the night, stepped in and offered to act as a body double. But Stone was caught off guard when instead of taking Garfield’s role, Martin donned a wig and took Stone's part.

    "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," premiered in theaters on May 2 and along with Garfield and Stone, starred Jamie Foxx.

    In a cold open scene, a spoof press conference of NBA commissioner Adam Silver, played by Taran Killam, discussed this week’s biggest sports gaffe -- a leaked audio recording filled with racist comments from Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling.

    Sterling has since been fined $2.5 million and banned for life from the NBA.

    “This has been a terrible time for the NBA but frankly it’s been a great time for me,” said the Commissioner. “I have gotten more high fives from random black people this week than any week in my life.”

    Donald Sterling (Bobby Moynihan) then came to the podium.

    Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

    “This whole week has been such a terrible ordeal, my reputation has gotten a real black eye, which we all know is the worst kind of eye.”

    Sterling made it clear that money he receives from selling the basketball team will go towards repairing his relationship with the black community. However, “despite what you heard,” he made it clear that some NBA players still support him, “like my dear friend Mr. Dennis Rodman”

    “This is a good man he’s real cool,” said Rodman (Jay Pharoah) after joining Sterling at the podium. “I know because I am above all a good judge of character and this is one of the greatest men I’ve ever met, right up there with my main man glorious leader Kim Jong Un,” he said referring to his controversial visit to North Korea.

    In this week’s “Weekend Update” co-anchors Cecily Strong and Colin Jost opened their segment with the Donald Sterling scandal.

    “LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling was banned for life this week by the NBA for making a series of racist remarks, after which I’m guessing he made a few more,” said Jost.

    Jost also took a jab at Sterling's alleged ex-girlfriend.

    “V. Stiviano, the ex-girlfriend of Sterling, continues to insist that she did not release the recording of Sterling’s racist comments,” he said. “Though I don’t know if I’d trust a woman who sounds like she got her name from how often she’s been a defendant.”

    Making waves in Hollywood news was word of George Clooney’s engagement to an accomplished lawyer this week, but Strong incinuated she was no match for him.

    “This week Alma Almuddin a brilliant, Oxford-educated human rights lawyer and former U.N. advisor, settled for a 52-year-old man,” she said.

    To comment on the events in Ukraine, Russian villager Olya Povlatsky - played by Kate McKinnon - made an appearance to sound off about what’s going on in her country.

    “Putin I have three words for you: cut, it, out,” Olya said.

    Strong acknowledged the reference to the hit 90s show "Full House," which Olya said is a new to her village. “It’s about the luckiest family in the world, only nine people in one house,” said Olya.

    Strong continued press Olya about Ukraine, specifically with regards to new sanctions that Obama has placed on Russia. Strong warned Olya that this could affect trade in Russia.

    “What’s to trade in Russia?” she asked, “Our only exports are homophobia and snow.”

    Another guest to weigh in on the “Update” desk was resident 1860’s newspaper critic Jebidiah Atkinson, (Taran Killam) who provided his opinions on the Tony Award nominations that were recently announced. Through his rant of negative reviews for shows such as “Rent,” “Wicked,” and “Aladdin,” Atkinson claims there is only one show that he actually enjoyed.

    “The only play I found even remotely tolerable was a performance of “Our American Cousin,' at Ford’s Theater on April 14, 1865.”

    “When Lincoln was shot?” reluctantly asks Strong.

    “Of course it was Cecily,” quipped Atkinson. “It may not have gone over well in the orchestra, but it killed in the balcony,” he said mischievously.

    A dramatic movie trailer, for the fictional film, “The Beygency,” scares the cast out of speaking a negative word about Beyonce.

    Garfield's character was dealt an embarassing punishment when he criticizes one of Beyonce's hits.

    The film is “rated NC-17 for mild language against Beyonce.”

    In a reoccurring sketch of celebrity Family Feud, with Steve Harvey (Kenan Thompson) as host, American musicians faced off against international musicians as contestants like Justin Timberlake (Andrew Garfield), Shakira (Kate McKinnon) and Drake (Jay Pharoah) were ready to play.

    Coldplay performed their songs “Magic” and “Give You My Heart.”

    Next week Charlize Theron will host “SNL” with musical guest The Black Keys.