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Vanessa Hudgens Files Lawsuit Against Web Site That Posted Her Nude Photos

"High School Musical" star wants website to remove unauthorized pics



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    Actress Vanessa Hudgens has asked a federal judge to remove unauthorized photos from a website.

    Vanessa Hudgens has reportedly filed a federal lawsuit against the owners of a Web site for posting unauthorized photographs of the star.

    TMZ reported on Wednesday night that the former "High School Musical" star filed suit against the owners of Hudgens reportedly claims in her suit that the Web site refused to remove "self-portrait photographs" of the actress.

    "The photos were obtained by unknown methods and posted on the internet by an unknown person without Hudgens' knowledge or consent," the lawsuit reads, according to TMZ.

    The lawsuit does not mention that many of the photos posted on the Web site feature the actress in various states of undress, TMZ reported.

    Hudgens is reportedly asking for damages and for a judge to issue an injunction, compelling the Web site to remove the pictures.

    As previously reported on, Hudgens apologized to her fans after a host of private photos of the star, some of which showed the Disney actress in the buff, appeared online in the summer of 2007.

    And earlier this year, the pics were referenced by comedian Dane Cook at the Teen Choice Awards.

    "Girl, you got to keep your clothes on. Phones are for phone calls," he said on stage as the camera panned to Hudgens.
    Cook's comments were cut from FOX's broadcast of the awards show.

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