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LiLo (Maybe) Not a Baby in E-Trade Ad Suit, Paper Trail Shows

They used my name!



    LiLo (Maybe) Not a Baby in E-Trade Ad Suit, Paper Trail Shows
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    Maybe she wasn't crying over spilled milk after all.

    A paper trail documenting the making of the E-Trade Super Bowl ad that has LiLo in a rage shows creators changed the name of the boyfriend-stealing baby from "Deborah" to "Lindsay" as they turned the innocent tot into a sleazy "milkaholic."  

    Internal documents obtained by an Esquire magazine reporter permitted to sit in on the strategy sessions at Grey Group, which produced the spot, reveal creators talked about words to describe a tot named "Deborah." A few weeks later, scribbled notes show "Deborah" scratched out and replaced with "Lindsay," according to Esquire.

    Lindsay Lohan filed a $100 million lawsuit against E-Trade this week, saying the she-baby was modeled after her (there's only one Lindsay in the world) and the characteristics of baby Lindsay in the ad make a mockery of "adult" Lindsay's life.

    The hard-partying starlet is notorious for getting out of control at times, after which she may or may not spend a brief time in rehab. Her attorney wants an injunction to pull all the spots off the air, and Team Lindsay wants every last copy.

    In the ad that aired during the Super Bowl, E-Trade's famous talking baby boy is talking to a jealous gal pal who accuses him of hanging out with a "milkaholic" named "Lindsay."

    The steamed baby girlfriend then skeptically inquires, "And that milkaholic Lindsay wasn't over?"

    "Lindsay?" the baby boy responds, just as a baby girl in the room pops her head into the frame and says, with slurred speech, "Milk-a-what?"

    LiLo's attorney, Stephanie Ovadia, told The New York Postthat when Grey Group changed the ad baby's name from Deborah to Lindsay, they also changed the words used to describe her.

    Initial descriptions of "Deborah" included "cockadoodle" and "leaking diaper," whereas words written on the same page as Lindsay's name included names like "gutter hound" and "skanky cake," according to the Post.

    Now even Dina Lohan is getting involved (watch out). The tabloid-friendly mother of the actress told the Post the ad was a direct assault on her daughter.

    "[The notes are] horrific. This just proves our point," she said. "Oh my goodness, I can't even read this, it's so disgusting."

    Grey Group maintains the name Lindsay has nothing whatsoever to do with the often troubled Lohan.

    E-Trade couldn't be reached for comment.