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Lean, Green Cookin' Machines



    THAT’S HOT:  For those of you who store sweaters in your ovens (present company included), this is “cookware”.  But it’s not just any cookware, you see – they’re GreenPans.  These little beauties will wrap up two of your New Year’s resolutions in one delicious purchase.  Here’s how:  Featuring Thermalon, “the first patented ceramic-based, nano-composite non-stick coating”, GreenPans are available exclusively at Crate and Barrel.  Their unique coating releases 50% less greenhouse gases during production and furthermore, they don’t contain any toxic substances that might rear their ugly heads during high-temperature cooking.  In short, this non-stick cookware makes whipping up healthy egg white omelets, stir frys and chicken breasts a breeze (Resolution one: Ditch the drive-thru), while simultaneously taking better care of the planet (Resolution two: Go green).  You’ll be leaner and greener in no time!  GET IT:  $49.95-99.95 online or at your nearest Crate and Barrel.