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    THE BEE’S KNEES:  For over a quarter century, Burt’s Bees has been spreading the buzz about beauty and skincare products featuring pure, golden honey.  There’s nothing new about using the syrupy stuff as a skin salve, but Burt’s has expanded this ancient remedy into a full, affordable line featuring natural ingredients.  In addition to using no artificial colors, many of these moisturizers, cleansers and cosmetics come in recycled and reusable containers.  That means the Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Shea Body Butter, for example, not only leaves you soft and supple from head to toe (and everywhere in between), but you can feel good about it on the inside, too.  That’s sweetGET IT:  Honey & Shea Body Butter, $13.  Shop Burt’s Bees online or at area drug and grocery stores.