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Tuesday's Win Huge For Angels



    Any time the Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels meet in recent years, it's a big game. Monday and Tuesday night's games were no different, and tonight's series finale will be the same, but Tuesday night's game was much bigger for the Angels than the Rangers.

    With the Rangers' dramatic win on Monday night, in which they came back from a 6-3 deficit, it looked like the Angels were suffering a similar collapse after a 4-0 lead turned into a 4-4 tie late in the game with Yu Darvish looming in tonight's series finale. Getting swept at home by the archrival Rangers could've been disastrous, even this early in the season, for the Angels.

    Thanks to Howie Kendrick, renowned Ranger killer, that won't happen as his walk-off home run in the 11th inning off the dynamite rookie Joe Ortiz ensured at least one win during the three-game set for the Angels.

    With Darvish going tonight against a guy that was playing college baseball at this time last year, the Rangers will be the overwhelming favorites to push their unbeaten series streak to seven as they haven't lost a series yet this season. The Rangers also have not lost consecutive games yet this season, so tonight isn't looking too good on paper for the Angels.