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Rangers' Lack of Attendance Shocking



    Rangers' Lack of Attendance Shocking
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    You know, if anything was ever going to prove Josh Hamilton's hated "baseball town" comments correct, you could point to Monday night's attendance at Globe Life Park when the Rangers were playing their fourth home game of the year against perhaps their most hated rival, the AL West foe Los Angeles Angels.

    Sure, there was no Hamilton to boo, and there was no C.J. Wilson there to scream at either, but the attendance on Monday night was nothing short of embarrassing for those Rangers fans who do consider themselves real fans and not the bandwagon type that this city is so infamous for.

    There was a threat of rain, but it never rained. It was a school night, and that's understandable.

    What's not understandable was the announced attendance of 18,401, which would've been an awful actual number. But no, that was announced attendance. There were probably about 350 people actually there. Granted, that is an exaggeration, but it was bad.

    In hindsight, Hamilton making the "baseball town" comment might've been right on par, but it just stung coming from him. Truth is, DFW is a football town, as evidenced by the endless sellouts across the road when the Cowboys were not good. That's just the way it is, apparently.