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Rangers Get Big Win With Perez Deal



    Joy was abundant throughout Rangers Nation on Thursday when news came down at that Martin Perez had inked a four-year contract extension for just $12.5 million — a very nice deal for a 22-year-old lefty starting pitcher who is coming off a season that saw him tie for the league lead in wins among rookie pitchers, even though he wasn't a full-time big-leaguer until June.

    Perez showed throughout the season that he is one of the harder workers in the Rangers clubhouse and is determined and wise beyond his years. He was always a fun guy to listen to in his postgame comments with a very serious, determined tone.

    On Thursday, the Rangers rewarded the youngster with a nice contract extension, but that's what it was, just nice. Not huge. Plenty nice for a 22-year-old, but even nicer for a team.

    The details of the deal are pretty amazing.

    2014: $1 million signing bonus; $750,000 salary

    2015: $1 million

    2016: $2.9 million

    2017: $4.4 million

    2018: Club option, $6 million; $2.45 million buyout

    2019: Club option, $7.5 million, $750,000 buyout

    2020: Club option, $9 million, $250,000 buyout

    The catch here is the club options, and the amount of them. The Rangers could let Perez walk after 2017 if they decide they're finished with him. Or after 2018. Or after 2019. That's a pretty remarkable deal.

    The way I envision these negotiations going down was something like this:

    JD: (thinks to self) Maybe we can swindle this kid into taking this deal.

    Perez: I'll take it!

    JD: (thinks to self) Hallelujah!

    Seriously, the $1 million signing bonus was apparently given to Perez so he can get his entire family out of Venezuela, which is an admirable thing for the kid, as his home country is not a good place for ballplayers to be, due to kidnappings and murders of players and their family members for ransom.

    This is a good deal for Perez after one good season with a ton of potential looking forward. It's a great, great deal for the Rangers.