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Potential Targets: Tyler Clippard



    Target: Tyler Clippard, RHP

    Type of move: Trade

    2012 stats: 72 2/3 innings pitched, 2-6 record, 3.72 ERA, 32 saves, 84 strikeouts, 29 walks

    Clippard spent much of the 2012 season as the Washington Nationals' closer was injured, but he's excelled in the past as a set-up man, which is a huge question mark for the Rangers right now with Mike Adams gone and Joakim Soria out until the summer. In 2011, Clippard had a 1.83 ERA in 88 1/3 innings as the Nationals' set-up man.

    The guy has a career K/9 iP number of 10.1, which would be ahead of both Joe Nathan and Soria. In fact, the only Rangers' pitcher with a better number would be Yu Darvish. So yeah, Clippard has a big arm and would be a very beneficial get for the Rangers, especially in this time of great need in the back of the bullpen.