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Potential Targets: Torii Hunter



    In an ongoing series, we'll take a look at possible free-agent and trade targets for the Texas Rangers this winter.

    Target: Torii Hunter, OF

    Type of move: Free agency

    2012 stats: .313 batting average, .365 on-base percentage, 16 home runs, 92 RBIs, .984 fielding percentage

    Hunter has long been linked to the Rangers because of the fact that he's lived in the Metroplex for years and currently resides in Prosper, where he has children in school. Back before he signed with the Los Angeles Angels in 2008, the thought was that he'd come to Texas to "play at home", you know, that sentiment that never actually comes true.

    But maybe this is the year to see it happen. Hunter is getting up there in age at 37 years old and will be searching for what would likely be his final deal and he's probably want somewhere in the neighborhood of three years considering he's coming off a great year with the Angels. His power numbers have expectedly dipped a bit, but his average was the highest it's been in, well, ever.

    He's too old to play centerfield, where he excelled for years as a Minnesota Twin and won nine straight Gold Glove awards, but he's still a plenty serviceable corner outfielder, and who knows, maybe he'd be the first guy ever to actually take a "hometown discount"? It's worth a shot, anyway.