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Perez Gives Rangers Great Outing



    Martin Perez is the Texas Rangers' top pitching prospect in their prospect-laden system, and it's very possible that within the week he might not be in the Rangers' organization anymore.

    On Tuesday night, he added to his prospective trade value by having a stellar outing against the top run-producing offense in baseball in the Boston Red Sox. Perez, a 21-year-old lefty who looks eerily similar to C.J. Wilson on the mound, turned in six solid innings to match his career-high as a Ranger in three starts. He allowed one run on a borderline hit/error play that went down as earned but could've just as easily been unearned. He allowed five hits and walked two. Earth-shattering? Far from it, but very good for a kid making his third big-league start as a 21-year-old.

    "I felt good," Perez said through an interpreter. "I know that in the major leagues it's different. What I have to do is not think too much. I just have to execute, do my job and get better."

    With Cole Hamels off the trade market and it looking more likely that the Rangers might go after Josh Johnson, the likelihood of the Rangers being able to hold on to Perez is increasing, which is a good thing. If he has to go, that's fine because the Rangers will get quality in return and be able to make a push at a third straight World Series and a first-ever title.

    Ideally, Perez should be in Triple-A until he's called up with September call-ups, but you're liking what you're seeing so far if you're a Rangers fan.