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Kinsler Speaks Out on Hamilton



    Ever since that fateful night last month when Josh Hamilton had a somewhat mysterious night of alcohol relapse at a Dallas bar, people have had their fair share of questions regarding the events of the evening.

    In his press conference later that week, Hamilton said he had eaten dinner with teammate Ian Kinsler and after they had eaten and visited for a while, Kinsler took Hamilton back to where he was staying in Dallas. Hamilton said Kinsler asked if he was staying home, Hamilton said yes and then proceeded to head to the bar by himself.

    In the hours following the release of the information, people began wondering what Kinsler's role in the situation was, which was soon cleared up clearing Kinsler's name in any wrongdoing or involvement in the drinking. On Sunday, Kinsler discussed many things in Surprise, Ariz., where the Rangers will start spring training this week, including the Hamilton situation.

    "Josh is taking care of it," Kinsler told on Sunday. "He's doing what he's always done. He's being open, up front and honest about it. It's not my place to talk about it. I know I was there for a certain part of the night."

    Kinsler said he and the rest of Hamilton's teammates are standing behind him, hoping he can resolve the problems he's facing right now with a little more than a month until the season begins at home against the Chicago White Sox.

    "I've gotten over it," Kinsler said. "I'm focused on this season and baseball. I support Josh and will continue to support him. All his teammates and coaches will be there for him. Josh took care of it and said what he needed to say. People can say what they want to say. That's just outside influences driving something that's really not there."