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Japanese Journalists Experience Texas

Japanese journalists travel the Pacific for new Texas Ranger's Pitcher



    The Rangers didn't just sign Yu Darvish they also gained a legion of fans overseas. 

    The Japanese media are in town to document the Ranger star's every move.

    It’s a reminder that, if you live here, it can be easy to take Texas and all it has to offer for granted.

    "It's amazing and it's very big. I feel now," said Japanese cameraman Miki Matsumoto who works for Japanese Network NHK.

    Japanese Journalists Prepare for Darvish

    [DFW] Japanese Journalists Prepare for Darvish
    NHK, Japan's public broadcast company, send several reporters to cover Yu Darvish's arrival in Texas.
    (Published Friday, Jan. 20, 2012)

    "Sunshine is so beautiful in January," said Matsumoto.

    Matsumoto is a part of several groups of Japanese journalists covering Darvish.

    "People here in Texas are very kind and they are very friendly. They ask me. Often ask me sometimes 'Why you come here? Oh, Yu Darvish that's cool'," said Matsumoto.

    Darvish isn’t Matsumoto’s first assignment in the United States.

    He moved to New York six months ago to cover U.S. news for Japan and he's had quite an education about America.

    His last two assignments were the Iowa caucuses and then the New Hampshire primary. Texas is now his favorite.

    "It's I think the wideness of the land, in Japan it's very narrow country and so many people are gathering in the city and Texas is very wide and the climate is very calm and the people are very kind," said Matsumoto.