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Hamilton's Blast One Of Fenway's Longest Since '06

Josh Hamilton's home run Tuesday was the second-longest at Fenway Park since 2006



    Last night, after Josh Hamilton deposited a mammoth bomb into the right field seats at Fenway Park, well beyond the visitors’ bullpen, Rangers’ TV guy Tom Grieve wondered aloud how close the landing spot of Hamilton’s home run was to that of Ted Williams--which landed 502 feet from home plate in a spot now marked with a red seat.

    Well, as it turns out, Hamilton’s wasn’t all that close to the famed mark at an estimated 469 feet. This doesn’t take much away from the magnitude of Hamilton’s stroke, particularly for those who were watching the game on television.

    In fact, as ESPN Dallas points out today--per ESPN Stats & Information--only one player has hit a longer home run at Fenway since 2006.

    That was Vladimir Guerrero, who hit a 484-footer in July of that year. After Hamilton’s 469-footer on Tuesday, JD Drew, Manny Ramirez and Garrett Jones are tied for third, each with a 460-foot job.