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Current Rangers = 90s Braves?



    The Texas Rangers could be on the brink of something special.

    Yes, they are still working on their long streak of never winning a World Series championship, but they have been to two straight and just lost a 7-game series to the St. Louis Cardinals.

    And the way this team is constructed, there could be more trips to the World Series in their near future.

    It's true, the World Series is probably the hardest championship in sports to even qualify for. The baseball playoffs are an entirely different animal than any other sports'. There's shortened pitching rotations, more strategy involved, etc.

    Back in the 1990s, the Atlanta Braves suffered the same fate as the Rangers as the last team to lose two straight World Series when they lost in 1991 to the Minnesota Twins in seven games and in 1992 to the Toronto Blue Jays in six.

    Three seasons later, the Braves beat the Cleveland Indians in six games for their first World Series title since moving from Milwaukee.

    They went back the next season and lost to the New York Yankees, and three seasons later they lost again to the Yankees in 1999 to close out their great decade with five World Series appearances and one title.

    Could the Rangers be on the same track? It's impossible to say, but with the youth of this team and the players they control for a good amount of time, as well as the absolutely stocked farm system and the influx of money coming into the franchise now, the Rangers have as good a chance as anyone to have a decade of dominance.