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6-Year-Old Gets Foul Ball the Hard Way



    Aaron Venegas, age 6, from Duncanville, was hit by a foul ball at the Texas Rangers game Thursday. (Published Friday, June 21, 2013)

    A 6-year-old Duncanville boy will probably never forget his first Major League Baseball game.

    Aaron Venegas got a little something extra at Thursday's Texas Rangers game from his favorite player, Elvis Andrus.

    "He hit a foul, and it came towards me," Aaron said.

    "Aaron decided to sit a row in front of us," said his father, Juan. "At that point, I noticed that the ball was coming towards him. I lost my footing; that is when the glove moved at the last second."

    The ball hit his cheek, and Rangers personnel were there in seconds. He saw a nurse but then went back to the game.

    "Everybody was trying to get Aaron a ball because he is the only one in this family that doesn't have a foul ball, so we tried," Juan Venegas said. "Like I said, he got it the hard way."

    Rangers officials said they are glad Aaron is OK and commended the medics and staff on their service.