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Getting Bill Murray (The Sequel): He Doesn't Sign Contracts



    We've written before the many hoops the "Get Low" filmmakers had to jump through to get Bill Murray to star in their movie -- from sending materials to a P.O. box and simply waiting for a response from the star.

    It was only after they finally nabbed the actor to commit, with the shooting deadline rapidly approaching,  that they found out that Bill Murray doesn't bother with those pieces of paper others calls contracts. His word is his bond.

    "The drama was about the investor who wanted a contract to show for himself that he had the actors to justify his investment," director Aaron Schneider tells PopcornBiz. "And then we find out that Bill doesn't do contracts."

    That doesn't fly these days, But then again, this is Bill Murray.

    A hasty meeting was called at Murray's lawyer's office where the investor and the actor agreed to the unusual terms.

    "The investor met the lawyer and shook Bill's hand," says Schneider. "And to Bill's credit, his word is his contract. He showed up."

    Once Murray was on the set, the quirky actor was a pro. Schneider tells stories of Murray entertaining cast and crew on set with a boom-box of music between takes and even helping the crew move pieces of equipment during quick set changes. "He was moving sandbags around the set," says Schneider. "He was always pitching in."

    It was just getting him there that was tough.

    "The way he does things is so unusual," says Schneider. "It throws people off."