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Filthy FX Man-Dog Comedy Is Coming Your Way



    I’m consistently amazed that major network shows have such a low success rate, while cable channels like FX never, ever seem to miss on a show. Yes, cable has low ratings expectations going for it. Still, FX has given us comedies like “Archer” and “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” without needing to have 30 other comedies fail first. It’s uncanny, really. And now the network is coming back with what looks to be another solid comedy in “Wilfred,” a remake of a hit Australian comedy. From Deadline:

    Wilfred is a live-action comedy based on the popular Australian series of the same name, with Jason Gann, who co-created and starred in the original, also attached to topline the U.S. version. Here's how David Zuckerman, who wrote the U.S. adaptation, describes the project: “Wilfred is about a guy, the girl next door, and mixed-breed dog, Wilfred, who is part Labrador retriever and part Russell Crowe on a bender.”

    He means that last part literally. The show’s main character really is a dude dressed in a giant dog outfit. You can watch some of the best snippets of the show right here. I’m a sucker for British and Australian comedy, so I’m biased, but this looks right up my alley. “The only failure in life is if I had to try.” That’s a solid line right there.

    The pilot for “Wilfred” will be directed by Randall Einhorn, a veteran to the form who’s done episodes of “Sunny,” along with “The Office,” “Modern Family,” and more. Not a bad pedigree. And the fact that Gann is reprising his role in this version means little fof the humor is likely to get bastardized in the process. This kind of show would be impossible to duplicate over on network TV, because it would be so distasteful to the broader audience those networks try and court. So thank goodness for niche programming. Because “Wilfred” is one upcoming show I’m very much looking forward to.