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The Children's Place - Monster Sale



    The Children's Place - Monster Sale

    My friend Laura is a lover of Children's Place - she is always finding the best deals on clothes for her little boy, Shawn. He is fully stocked on socks until the ripe age of 30...I am sure of it! Not to mention all kinds of pj's, shorts, shirts, etc. I think her max out of pocket for any item of clothing is somewhere around $2! She has a hard time buying socks for more than 18¢/pair. Wow.

    Right now, The Children's Place is having a Monster Sale online. Check them out here!

    Once you have selected your items, add this coupon code for an additional 15% savings: family79

    My Goods:

    4 Tops (combo of tees & knit tunics - including the cutest crocheted one!)

    2 pairs of Shorts

    1 Skort

    1 pair of Cargo Pedal Pushers

    1 pair of Jeans

    Grand Total (including tax + $5 shipping) = $37.52

    It's a good thing Makayla doesn't read yet, or she would get a sneak peak at her birthday suprises!