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What Favre’s Return Means For The Cowboys



    Brett Favre’s annual retirement “dilemma” is ending right on schedule this year, just as training camp is coming to a close. WHAT AN ODD AND UNFORESEEABLE COINCIDENCE. The Vikings have a regular news conference scheduled for later today, though no official confirmation of Favre’s return to practice is set to be made. Regardless, Favre will be playing for the Vikings sooner rather than later. The question is: What does this mean for YOU, the Cowboys of Arlington fan who will ROCK OUR WORLD?

    Well, I think Favre’s return is good news and bad news for Dallas. Obviously, the bad news is that Favre makes Minnesota a better team, one very similar to the Vikings outfit that curb-stomped the Double J’s boys not but seven months ago. With Favre on board, the Vikings will again be one of the better teams in the NFC, though one still coached by a goofball and led by an ancient hick who hands out turnovers in clutch time like I pass out Trader Joe’s mushroom pastries at a cocktail party.

    The good news is this: Karma. We at Blue Star have warned you many, many times about being a fashionable pick in the NFL preseason. It’s always a recipe for disaster. You don’t want the title of preseason favorite. That is a title that leads to nothing but high ankle sprains and Wade Phillips going on the dole. Dallas has been picked by many to win the NFC this year, but Favre’s return may help quell that rush of overhype. At the very least, it takes the media spotlight away from Jerry’s boys and pulls it straight over to Minneapolis.

    That’s perfect for Dallas. They spent all of last year purposely avoiding the spotlight and going about their business quietly. Training camp was kept quiet. No big signings were made. It was a delightful under-the-radar gambit. Why, the team even had the courtesy to spent the beginning of the year sucking, just for good measure. That’s what you like to see out of a football team. No expectations. No standards of any kind.

    Then this summer rolled around and we got Miles dating Kim and Dez Bryant being all Mr. Hazeproof and that’s too much attention. The team needs to start practicing in some kind of underground cavern to keep the Ed Werders of the world far away. Anyway, now that Favre is back, the Cowboys can hopefully stop being so darn VISIBLE and sneak back into the shadows, where they can strike unexpectedly, like a very fierce cobra of some sort.

    That’s what you want going into the season: the gift of being unheralded. And with Brett Favre around, the Cowboys are now free to be as sneaky good as they like.