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Weird Things Happen In Primetime



    Wow. Is there a full moon tonight?

    The last five minutes of the first half were immoderately weird, including a circus catch after, arguably, the most freakish play I've ever seen.

    It appeared that no one was aware of the ball after it glanced off Jason Witten's hand and foot, Kenny Phillips included, until it fluttered into his hands.

    What could have been an easy touchdown was blown dead, and the Giants had to start at the Cowboys' 28.

    Of course, that didn't matter, as Mario Manningham beat Terence Newman on a bobble-happy, 22 yard touchdown catch to put New York up 20-14 with less than a minute left.

    More than disappointed or angry, most Cowboys fans (at least the ones I'm watching with) were shocked; the weird does tend to get going on primetime, and certainly on primetime in a rivalry game. But that was borderline absurd.

    Dallas answered with a field goal, with two seconds left on the clock, throwing another turn on the emotional rollercoaster, and throwing the game back into a high level of competitiveness, basically where everyone thought it would (and should) be, going in. 20-17, Giants, as we move into the second half.