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Wade Isn't Going Anywhere, For Now



    According to a report published on JaggerMafia.com, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is on the verge of firing Wade Phillips -- according to two great, unnamed sources by fan-blogger Kevin Lee.

    Normally, calls from bloggers claiming Wade is on the way out wouldn't get much attention from us. People are always saying Wade is on the way out, so that's not really new, is it?  But, since this was republished by JaggerMafia.com, the website of the morning show on 105.3 The Fan, which is also the official station of the Dallas Cowboys, we decided we'd mention it because what they publish should have some bit of legitimacy.   I mean, they're the official station ... they'd know right?

    Wrong. And here's why.  They republished a fan-blogger who has no discernible association to the team or any reputable news network. He tossed the word "rumor" into his headline and then declared the Cowboys coach would be fired in his story after a loss in Houston. And last, but certainly not least, he rehashed names of retired or out-of-work head coaches that, some of which, have been on everyone's wish list since Dave Campo was running the team.  And, he based these assertions on Wade admitting they had a bad practice last week, the fact that the team is 0-2 and his close sources.

    Let's check back in to reality.

    Yes, the team is 0-2 and yes they have some issues to straighten out, but it's not worth canning your head coach over.  There is a lot of football left to play, and as weak as the NFC East is this year, the Cowboys are still right in the middle of everything. If they pull off a win on Sunday over Houston, things really won't look that bad going into the bye week.  Even if they lose, sure it's not great, but it's not over.

    In other words, there is plenty of time to right the ship.

    Lee wrote in his post that regardless of what happens on Sunday, Phillips should be fired -- that's just asinine -- and that if the Cowboys lose, he will be fired -- and that's just silly.

    Jerry knows better than any of us what it means to an organization to have a changing of the guard -- and you don't do that two or three games into your season unless you're willing to phone in the remainder of the season.  Jerry isn't exactly known for giving up, and I don't see that happening in a year where he still hopes to host his own Super Bowl.

    Further, the defense, which is, aside from not forcing turnovers and giving up a couple of bad drives, playing incredibly well.  That is all Wade.  Why would you cut that loose and risk greatly damaging what has been, up to this point, the most reliable part of your team.  You wouldn't.  A move like that just doesn't make sense.

    The Cowboys have been losing games on the offensive side of the ball with their inability to score points, their remarkable ability to turn the ball over and the ever-frustrating string of ridiculous penalties.  That falls on offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, no matter which coach steps to the mic and takes responsibility.  Wade shouldn't be pegged to take the fall for the offense's failures.
    You can mark it down or call me an idiot for being wrong, but when the time comes for America's Team to have a new head coach, the change will take place in the off-season not in Week 3.