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Three Phases: Cowboys-Broncos



    Every week, we'll grade the Cowboys on the three phases of the weekend's game.

    Offense: A
    This would be a resounding A+ if not for a late interception Tony Romo threw to the Broncos defense to set up Denver's game-winning field goal in a 51-48 win. But make no mistake, this loss absolutely cannot be pinned on Romo, or the offense as a whole. Romo threw for 506 yards and five TDs, and DeMarco Murray ran the ball well until Romo got on a roll and it was just silly to do anything but throw the ball. The offensive line was really good, and the emergence of rookie wide receiver Terrance Williams was a great thing to see as the Miles Austin era seems to be continously be on the downturn.

    Defense: F
    What else can be said here? Sure, it was no surprise the Broncos and Peyton Manning put up 500-plus total yards and scored 51 points because that's just what the Broncos do this year. No one can stop them, and the Cowboys' defense was no different. Morris Claiborne recovered a fumble and got the first interception against Manning this year. Monte Kiffin's vaunted Tampa 2 defense is getting worse and worse by the week and couldn't even force a single punt against the Broncos.

    Special teams: B
    Whatever. Special teams wasn't the story of this game. Dan Bailey was 2-for-2 on field goals, and Dwayne Harris had a couple of decent returns.