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The Double J Was Right!



    A mere three weeks ago, your Dallas Cowboys were a very flat 2-2. Fans all over screamed for Wade Phillips’ early ouster, and some even demanded that Tony Romo be sent packing. Ah, but the past three weeks just go to show you how the complexion of things can dramatically turn on a week-to-week basis in the NFL. After overcoming a lousy first quarter to blow through the Falcons, the Cowboys now stand at 4-2, a mere half game behind the Giants for control of the NFC East. What’s more, with the emergence of Miles Austin and the revival of the pass rush, this team LOOKS better than any other team in the division right now. The Giants got beaten by the Cards. And the Eagles only beat the Redskins last night because the Redskins are so downright putrid. Otherwise, the Eagles looked average in pretty much every way. Apparently, Donovan McNabb is unaware that bounce passes are illegal in football.

    Granted, things can turn sour again quickly if the Cowboys play listlessly against the Seahawks next week. But for now, they appear to be on the right track. And you know what the scariest part of all this is? THE DOUBLE J WAS RIGHT! Remember, this is what he said when he told fans Wade Phillips wouldn’t be fired mid-season:


    "Under no circumstances would I make a change. We've got a chance to get a lot of things done and we've got a lot of football left to play and we've got some good people that not only can play it, but coach it… Two years ago the Giants were seemingly not in disarray, but they were in trouble… It was also absolutely expected that something was going to happen with the coach, Coughlin. Maybe during the year but something was going to happen and had to go. And of course [Eli] Manning was on the hot seat and would never be a winner. Well, that same year they won the Super Bowl. You've got to be mindful that this is a long, long journey, so to speak. ... A lot can happen from the beginning to the end."

    And there you have it. Jerry Jones: Sage voice of reason. Up is down. Down is up. Polar bears will soon mate with grizzly bears. I don’t know whether this is a good sign for the Cowboys fortunes, or whether the oceans will split open and giant red dragons from Hell will soon devour us all.