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So That's What A Healthy Miles Austin Looks Like



    Miles Austin has spent three, injury-plagued years in Dallas before the one that started, officially, about an hour ago.

    What's made those injuries all the more frustrating has been the consistent insistence of Cowboys officials that the kid is a legitimate deep threat and a playmaker. After a while, though, those arguments wear thin. That is, after all, what they said about Isaiah Stanback, who is now New England's third quarterback.

    So seeing Austin create like he did on that second quarter touchdown was welcome, and even a little heartening. He grabbed a pass and made two potential tacklers completely wiff before hitting paydirt.

    What's crazy, that could have easily been his second touchdown of the game. Romo missed him after burning a defender deep.

    Who's going to replace the production of Terrell Owens?

    I've said before and I'll say again, it won't be any one person, but a commitee charged with that considerable task. It's looking, at this early juncture, like Miles Austin might play a crucial role in that group.