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Should Miles Austin Start?



    Word came yesterday that, while Miles Austin will not be named a starter, he will see an increased role in the future.

    Wade Phillips said that Austin would likely be in for 50 plays when the team returns from their bye week on October 25 against Atlanta, around the same amount of time he saw in Kansas City, when he grabbed ten catches, two touchdowns and a Cowboys-record 250 yards receiving.

    But is this the right decision?

    Austin ran fine routes and proved he can make the big play after the catch on Sunday; he is also faster than either Roy Williams or Patrick Crayton, providing a big-play option that the Cowboys lack, particularly when Felix Jones is on the shelf. Tony Romo has a strong rapport with Crayton, though, which will make it hard for Austin to leapfrog him on the depth chart; as far as Austin starting over Roy, well, there are about $9 million reasons that will never happen.

    The next question then, is does it even matter? If Wade and the gang won't limit Austin's playing time--which probably means a lot of three-receiver sets--this is a title-driven debate, and not much more. That said, there's only one ball to be thrown on any given play; and frustrated receivers do not an effective offense make.

    SO, the question falls to you. You are Jerry Jones. You are rich. Powerful. Your television is roughly the size of Liechtenstein.

    Do you start Miles Austin?