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Romo: Swagger Schmagger



    The New Year’s Weekend Experience You’ll be Talking About Forever

    Last week, Jerry Jones made something of a splash (kind of) when he remarked on the team's 'swagger,' saying that they were humbled by the disappointment of 2008; reasonably so. Since then though, it seems that 'swagger' has become a buzz word of sorts, tossed around in camp like a late-season episode of America's Best Dance Crew.

    This isn't all bad. After all, it did afford Wade Phillips a chance to take a thinly veiled shot at Terrell Owens. ("Well, we had one guy who was here who wasn't real humble and he's not here any more,'' Phillips said.)

    But sucks to 'swagger', says Tony Romo.

    Asked of the team's supposedly swooning 'swagger levels', Romo said, "Swagger is just whatever someone wants to say the word means. It's meaningless to us."

    "It's about working hard and getting better," Romo continued. "And if you keep working hard and keep getting better, and all of the sudden you can execute at a high level, you have swagger, per se, the way people describe it. For us, it's just about trying to execute at a high level. "

    "Whatever that's described as, that's what we want to be."